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Fridge FairyFridge Fairy is a fast paced game introducing Fridge Fairy, a Fairy hired by the powers that be, to guard and protect the Holiest of the Holiest Fridge’s. One could say that this is a cross between a cooking game and angry birds. As Fridge Fairy, you’ve been ordered to distribute food to the children of the land. The children are simple and will tell you what they want, however they can be impatient at times, so just make sure to give them what they want. Otherwise they will raid the Fridge, violating the natural balance of things! Defend the Fridge at all costs, and give the children what they want with haste!

iconLauncher150YellowSalad Fingers Where’s May Gone is an interactive story/adventure game set in the Salad Fingers universe where you play as a survivor of “The Great War” who awakens from a coma to find yourself held captive by Salad Fingers. You must escape and explore the Salad Fingers universe in search of your daughter May. The player gets to relive events that transpire during the actual Salad Fingers series, but you will view them from a different perspective. Clues to some of the puzzles can be found by watching the Salad Fingers series. Act 1 will be a free download and available in July 15 for PC/iOS/Android platforms. David Firth approved the making of this game, however it will remain an unofficial release until further notice.

iconLauncher150YellowGhost Scanner Terror House pranks your friends and family making any place seem haunted. Your friend’s reaction can be recorded and saved. Launched date was on January 2015 and is available in the Google Play store.

iconLauncher150YellowSoldier Bird Dash pits Soldier Bird into a warzone where only quick reflexes will help you evade the insane attacks by the enemy! You will encounter smart enemies who will track where you are and try to destroy you. You’ll have to dodge your way through bombs, bullets, and tank rounds using the unique one touch control system. The one touch control system is so simple and fun you’ll wonder why no other games have done this before! Get it now on Google Play!


Word Blocks Guess the words attached to the falling blocks before the stack gets too high! Test your knowledge and show off to your friends. Use it to learn your presidents, historical figures, celebrities and more. It’s great fun and by the way it’s educational!